Soundtopia was established in 2012

Collectively we have 10 plus years of experience in the audio and Information Technology industries. We strive to achieve great sound for every occasion. We are very diverse in our appreciation for all types of music and styles. Soundtopia has been involved in all types of audio production from being on stage to mixing tracks. Some of our experience includes creating music, providing disc jockey and sound engineering services. One of the founding members has knowledge in building recording studios as well as recording in the studio itself. We have a wide range of knowledge in information technology and electronics; which applies to all sound equipment, and has proven to be invaluable while troubleshooting issues.With Soundtopia’s wealth of experience and professional level customer service we have the ability to meet your technological and event entertainment needs. 

Highlighted Experiences

  • Gibson’s Bar and Grill -
    • re-installation of current equipment.
    • Consultation-recommendation for what is needed for the establishment.
    • Ongoing: Disc Jockey services

  • Bonz Bar and Grill -
    • consultation services - recommendation of what is needed for their establishment.

  • Live Bands  –  Three bands, Six events.
    • Provide and setup audio equipment for the bands that performed.
    • Ran the mixing console for all events.

  • Church
    • We provided equipment for the local church
    • Disc jockey at several of their special events.
    • Consulted with the church on what is recommended for their main sound system.
    • Ran the mixing console for several Sunday services.

  • Recording Production – Three different recording projects
    • Setup microphones
    • producing
    • editing.

  • Recording studio construction
    • Worked with a crew building recording studios for two high end producers.  
    • Sound proofing,
    • running wires
    • frame work
    • structure work.